driving instructor  in Winnipeg

What you will learn

  • Defensive driving
  • Complex left turns
  • Executing left and right turns properly
  • Fool-proof parallel parking
  • Where and when to stop
  • Where and when to yield
  • Merging into traffic
  • Navigating construction
  • How to use a round-a-bout
  • MPI testing explained!

Anyone can become a better driver

  • experience with students of all ages.
  • experience with students of all skill levels. 
  • experience with Immigrants new to Winnipeg

Ask for Specifics

I promise to give educational, informative, confidence building driving lessons in a polite, calm and respectful manner. And behind that promise, I want you to know that I back my work with a satisfaction guarantee. After my driving lessons you will be a better driver. Here's some Info

My Promise

take lessons from professional driving instructors

With a correct understanding of defensive driving techniques and concepts you will become a more focused driver and have a greater understanding of the rules of the road. You need to know what to do, when to do it and why you are doing it. Our experience will help you learn that as safely and quickly as possible.

Feel confident knowing we are professional, experienced instructors with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the city system. With a combined experience over 20 years as driving instructors and over 50 years as local commercial truck drivers we will have the answers to your questions. All instructors are not created equal. If you want calm, clear instruction Contact us today. 

Learn the driving rules and laws in a safe environment. We are certified class 5 driving instructors. Jimmy's driving school is registered as a driver training school under the Drivers and Vehicles Act of MB. My Rates are competitive. Our training vehicles are 2021 and 2022 Honda Civics equipped with dual brakes and mirrors.