I promise to give educational, informative, confidence building driving lessons in a polite, calm and respectful manner. And behind that promise, I want you to know that I back my work with a satisfaction guarantee. After my driving lessons you will be a better driver. Here's some Info

My Promise

What you will learn

  • Defensive driving
  • Establishing at intersections
  • Executing left and right turns properly
  • Fool-proof parallel parking
  • Where and when to stop
  • Where and when to yield
  • Merging into traffic
  • Navigating construction
  • How to use a round-a-bout
  • MPI testing explained!

Anyone can become a better driver

  • experience with students of all ages.
  • experience teaching students of all skill levels. 
  • experience with Immigrants new to Winnipeg

My Services

Using my defensive driving techniques and concepts you'll become a more focused driver and have a greater understanding of the rules of the road. I'm a father of 2 children who wants you to be a better driver. I care about how you drive. You need to know what to do, when to do it and why you're doing it. Feel confident knowing with me you're choosing a professional driver, experienced in driving a range of vehicle classes in all weather conditions. All instructors aren't created equal. If you want calm, clear instruction Contact me today. 

I'm a certified class 5 driving instructor. Jimmy's driving school is registered as a driver training school under the Drivers and Vehicles Act. I hold a class 1F licence and I work full-time as a driver in Winnipeg, MB. My Rates are competitive. My equipment is top of the line.

My training vehicle is a 2015 Honda civic. The dual breaking system and rear view mirror have been installed by professionals and certified by the government. For your comfort my car has A/C for hot summer days and heated seats for cold winter days. For your safety and superior control I use winter and all-weather tires. For your privacy my car has tinted windows.

take lessons from a professional driving instructor 

driving instructor  in Winnipeg